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Selecting the right music for your wedding

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Music is key to a successful wedding or corporate event. When searching for the right wedding DJ, you must ask questions about music!

The Melbourne wedding DJ you hire will depend on the kind of music you and your guests enjoy. Locating an experienced and versatile Yarra Valley wedding DJ who is willing to play all genres, customise your music playlist, and knows what types of music will get every age group moving is essential.

Ask to see or hear a sample of your wedding DJ’s playlist

Not unusual to ask for, but you would be surprised how many people only provide must-play, and must-not-play songs yet are not interested in the overall playlist. A good Melbourne wedding DJ will have a current popular song playlist and potentially even a specific playlist for different ages, or even nationalities. Are you or your parents Greek or Italian? You might want some songs that are popular in Greece or Italy for your guests to enjoy. Or what if you are a more mature couple (say 50+) getting married? You may not like the same playlist as a 21-year-old bride, or maybe you do! Are you looking for rocking techno beats, or old school rock legend tracks, or just that one song by Daryl Braithwaite and the rest by Lizzo? Having a conversation with your Yarra Valley wedding DJ is essential for them to understand your likes and dislikes so they can work up a playlist that works for you and your guests. 

Have a ‘must play’ & ‘don’t play’ list

While Melbourne wedding DJ’s are good at their jobs, they aren’t mind readers. They don’t know that the song they just played was your ex’s favourite tune or that you hate the YMCA. Providing your Yarra Valley wedding DJ with a list of songs you don’t want to be played is just as important as a list of songs you do want to be played. Both lists will ensure there are no unpleasant surprises, and all your favourite songs are played whether they are a crowd favourite or not.

How will your wedding MC fill the dance floor?

A professional Melbourne wedding MC will not shy away from using the microphone to get your guests on the dance floor. Whether it is making announcements or hyping up the crowd during the YMCA dance (or not), a good wedding MC knows when to pull out all the stops to get your guests moving. In addition, your Yarra Valley wedding MC, will work with you to explain how you, as the party hosts can help fill the dance floor.

Request or not to request

Confirm with your Yarra Valley wedding DJ if you are willing to allow your guests to make song requests, and if so, this is where the do not playlist can be necessary! If uncle Peter wants to hear a song from ‘the old country’ is it allowed? Is the ‘Chicken Dance’ a must play or not play? Do you want to hear ten songs from Beyonce? Being clear about requests, your must-play and must-not-play and why types of music you like will ensure your Melbourne wedding DJ plays exactly what you want for your special day.

As one of Melbourne’s premier MC and DJ’s, Black Tie Events will ensure your party is rocking with the right music for you and your guests. Contact Mark Girdwood today on 0400 447 552 to discuss your wedding DJ and MC needs and Black Tie Events full range of services.

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