Dance floor favourites (or are they?)

By November 21, 2019Events, Wedding

In 2019 it’s The Git Up, in 2012 it was Gangnam Style, in 1995 The Macarena was where it was at, in 1978 the Village People taught us the unforgettable YMCA, and way back in 1960 Chubby Checker gave us a Number 1 hit with the Twist.

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At Black Tie Events MC DJ based in Melbourne we’ve witnessed a new dance craze take over the world every year or so (some with more success than the others), but to this day there is a list of epic songs that will always inspire the most reluctant of dancers to get up and get down!

This eclectic mix of one-hit-wonders and all-time classics are not everyone’s cup of tea and may form part of your event’s “DO NOT PLAY” list – or they could be the golden ticket you save for an unexpected lull in proceedings, that will ensure the dance floor is filled sooner than you can say Nutbush City Limits. (Did you know apparently the Nutbush dance was only ever popular in Australia?) 

You might like to consider discussing with your Black Tie Events MC DJ if you will include (or exclude) some of these dance floor favourites at your event:

  • The Time Warp, Rocky Horror’s best from 1975 – think fishnet stockings, odd hairstyles and pelvic thrusting!
  • Gangnam Style, from Psy back in 2012 – you just crossed your wrists and started riding an invisible horse, didn’t you?
  • The Locomotion, Kylie’s version from 1987 – although not many people are actually sure of the moves that go along with this number?
  • Anything Disco, from the 70’s – will be sure to evoke the bump, the hustle and John Travolta’s signature Saturday Night Fever pose.
  • Beyonce’s Single Ladies from 2008 – might encourage some of your ‘unattached’ guests to start their own Queen B tribute!
  • Before the Queen, there were the Spice Girls – Stop Right Now was released in 1997 and the 5 spices had us all shimmying on the spot with their cutesie arm movements for years to come.
  • The unforgettable Bus Stop – is often referred to as the ‘last song on the night’ to ensure the party-goers get the hint.
  • The Macarena was a Latin marvel from 1995 that still tends to have the youngest guests teaching the oldest guests all the upbeat arm movements and timed quarter-turn jumps for 4 long minutes!
  • Line Dancing might be a country fan favourite but in 1992 Miley’s Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus had many Achy Breaky Hearts up on dance floors across the world. Songs like Cotton Eye Joe, Footloose and anything by Shania Twain could also be thrown into this category.
  • Let’s not mention the Chicken Dance!

Signature moves often make an appearance on a busy dance floor – we’ve seen the moonwalk, the worm, the sprinkler, some speed flossing, the best Vogue poses, and even robot moves C3PO would be impressed by. 

Whatever your wishes for your event, play them or ban them, our experienced Melbourne based MC DJ’s at Black Tie Events has got you covered. Please contact Mark Girdwood today on 0400 447 552 to have all your MC & DJ needs taken care of.

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