Can a couple come and listen to a wedding DJ at another wedding or event before they decide to book?

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Can a couple come and listen to a band or a wedding DJ Melbourne at another wedding or event before they decide to book?

That can be really difficult at a private invitation only event. It may be very awkward. Find the years of experience on the Wedding DJ Melbourne website, if it’s not there, consider looking elsewhere. Also there should be more info on what other work  they have done eg Night Clubs, Hotels or on a broader level Radio experience. A wedding DJ/MC Melbourne with radio experience usually has hosted events and had to be on the ball with his adlib abilities in all kinds of on air situations, so he’ll handle your night with announcements and pronunciations very smoothly.

A Wedding DJ Yarra Valley who’s been working 20, 30   or even 40 years just knows his stuff. He’s been in almost countless musical thought adventures trying music tracks on the dance floor and with his experience has developed fabulous proven mixes, much to the delight   of guests getting down on the dance floor! A Wedding DJ Yarra Valley that knows and plays the last 5 years of RnB and Hip Hop isn’t necessarily versatile enough to handle the unknown of very broad age groups, that might suddenly want to dance to something out of his range. Also a Wedding DJ Melbourne with experience knows if a chosen song will keep people on the dance floor or not   at a wedding reception or event. Discuss music with a Wedding DJ  Melbourne first, ask them if they can supply a song list and does he take requests on the night. If he doesn’t warm to that idea he probably won’t be flexible enough to “work the room” satisfying some requests and keeping people on the dance floor. Taking requests from guests is another reliable way of the Wedding DJ Yarra Valley being in touch with the guests to maintain a jumping dance floor.  Read More