How to fill the dance floor?

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The best events in Melbourne (or anywhere really) are ones where guests get involved, let their hair down and put their dancing shoes on. Black Tie Events DJs will do all the hard work for you to ensure your dance floor is THE place to be, but there are a few little tricks that you can help with to ensure we always hit the right note. 

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Set the moody early – before the doors to your event space open, kick things off with a ‘cocktail hour’ or welcome glass of bubbles (be it champagne, beer or fizzy water!) to get everyone to relax and start enjoying themselves right from the start. 

When determining the layout of your event venue always make sure there is enough space for the dance floor and it’s not too big or too small – get guidance from your venue on this one. Make the dancefloor the focal point, not pushed off into a corner. Highlight it as THE place to be! 

Knowing your guest list is key – plan your seating chart so the know ‘dancers’ are close by for quick access to the dance floor. For those who don’t want to be the first out there, once someone else takes that title, the rest will follow and it’s a lot easier to navigate past empty chairs that full ones. 

Think about your guests – what music will they like? With a broad range of ages and interests this might be tricky to put a finger on. Be guided by your experienced DJ and mix things up. Don’t go with one musical theme or genre for the entire night – always include your favourites but consider asking your guests for input and suggestion either with their RSVP cards, through a poll on your event website or via request cards on the tables at the event.  

People love surprises – so you might want to consider a special guest performer, dancers or choregraphed dance number to get the party started. 

Lead by example – if the hosts are enjoying themselves and bustin’ a move out there, everyone else will want to join in. It’s your party so show them how it’s done! 

And it goes without saying – always go with an experienced DJ like those offered by Black Tie Events – they have a whole set of tricks of their own to get the last of the ‘I’ll just watch’ crew up and boogying!!  

If it’s time to book a DJ and MC for your special event, contact Black Tie Events today on 0400 447 552 and let’s get the party started.  

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