What shoes are you going to wear?  

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With all the things to organise for a wedding, it’s not surprising that the last thing you might think about, is what shoes you will wear on the day? 

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Confirming your Melbourne venue, guest list, menu, MC & DJ, flowers, linens, decorations and your outfit generally take precedence in these situations and it might only be the day before, or heaven forbid the day of, the event that you suddenly realise ‘Shoes!’ have not once entered your head space! 

Well, let this be a timely message and reminder from your feet – to take a minute and think about your party shoes! 

Brides and Grooms (wedding parties & guest too), you have many choices to consider, but in most cases ‘formal’ is the theme you will be working with, but also remember to also consider your ceremony and reception locations.  

Six-inch, silver, glittered, stilettos might be stunning and provide you with cheeky photo opportunities, but if you’re having a garden wedding – sinking into the lawn with each step is not ideal. A wedged heel might be you best friend in this situation.  

Beach weddings are beautiful, but generally mean you’ll be walking along the sand at some point – do you even need shoes here? Pack your preference for the reception but on the sand ladies, simple, strappy, flat, slip-ons are a must, and gentlemen you have the perfect excuse to wear some sophisticated slides or flip flops! Winning! 

Consider your heels – there is no rule that you have wear high heels at a wedding. If your partner is 6’4” and you are 5’2” stilts are not going to help. Be comfortable in who you are and what you put on your feet. Ladies might have a hidden advantage with long dresses (think Serena at Harry & Meghan’s wedding), don’t be embarrassed to wear some stylish flats! 

Wedding ceremonies can be lengthy, and receptions can play on into the early hours, so being on your feet for an extended period (and cutting up the dance floor) is not uncommon. If new shoes are required then try them on before you buy them, get the right size, wear the appropriate socks/stockings needed and wear them around the house before the big day. New heals or stiff dress shoes can take some getting used to – practise, practise, practise – walk up and down stairs, try dancing, and figure out early if there are any pain points or areas that rub so you can find a solution ahead of time and you’re not dealing with in half way through the first dance! 

As seasoned Melbourne professionals, the Black Tie Events MC DJs would offer you this last piece of advice – BE PREPARED.  Arm yourselves with a little stash of band aids, blister pads, party-feet gel cushions, AND have a back-up pair of ballet flats or thongs for later. Trust us, your feet will thank you for it. 

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