Weekend Wedding Brunch

Does it really matter what day of the week or time of the day that you tie the knot? So long as you can share your special day with those you love is it such a big deal?

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As experienced Melbourne wedding DJs & MCs we know that each year couples view Saturdays in November through to March as ‘the best days’ to have a Melbourne wedding. But with a population of almost 5 million party-loving people in our fair city there’s a lot of competition for venues, celebrants, Melbourne wedding Djs & MCs, and other essential wedding vendors for these super popular days. And with this unprecedented era of rescheduled events only adding to the drama – competition is at an all time high! 

Fear not, Mark and the team at Black Tie Events in Melbourne have a solution!

We want you to think outside the box and do things differently! While Saturday nights are frantically busy and difficult to juggle and lock in all your suppliers there are six other (often more available) days in the week to consider and there are many added benefits to boot!  

There is less demand/competition for weddings held on weekdays, or in the morning or at lunch time therefore more venues, suppliers and vendors tend to be available (plus they will love you for the added business opportunity!). These less popular dates and times may also work out to be less expensive too.

Wedding options galore!

Like many wedding vendors, our team at Black Tie Events have created special packages to suit non-traditional wedding timings.  Our ‘Honeymoon Package’ for example, is designed for Breakfast or Lunchtime Weddings (which conclude before 4pm). The Bridal couple receive all the essential MC and DJ inclusions as our more traditional packages – just delivered during daylight hours! 

Check out different locations too! Melbourne is vibrant and exciting, but you might like to consider a seaside or country location instead. We’d love to be your Melbourne wedding DJ, but escaping the ‘crowds’ might be just what you need and we’d certainly be just as keen to be your Yarra Valley wedding DJ! 

But what will your guests think?

While traditions are ever changing and the events world has been thrown completely out of the loop lately. The idea of serving your guests an amazing breakfast, brunch or lunch will be welcomed with a smile, having a special event to go to on a Tuesday will be far more fun than working from home, and kicking up your heels on a Thursday night is the perfect excuse for a long weekend!

After all weddings are about love, celebrating each other and sharing your special day (whatever day it is) with the ones you love!

Melbourne Wedding DJ MC

Mark and the team at Black Tie Events would love to MC DJ your Melbourne event and get the dance floor filled with all those that you’ve been missing while in isolation. Give them a call on 0400 447 552 to discuss your upcoming event or wedding –  or send an inquiry for an appointment.


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