What Can You Do If Your Wedding Was Delayed?

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Learn to dance!

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As one of Yarra Valley and Melbourne’s premier MC and DJ service providers, we have seen a lot of first dances at weddings.

Some people are smooth, some are awkward, and some are downright funny. However, you spin it, practising for your first dance together as a married couple is something you can start doing now even if your wedding was delayed due to COVID, or conversely if you are doing a virtual wedding. Start practising your dance moves in the comfort of your own home in lockdown and check something off your wedding to-do list.

Is the wedding dance a must-do?

When couples are asked about their first dance, we receive mixed reactions: “maybe”, “no way”, “haven’t thought about it” or “of course”. Chances are even if you have thought about that first dance you haven’t danced a formal dance together in a while, if ever.

Learn to dance

In light of everyone being stuck at home in lockdown, why don’t you learn to dance and tick that off your wedding to-do list?

Check out a couple of wedding dance tutorials on YouTube or TikTok. It will give you and your fiancé ideas for what type of style you like the best. Additionally, many dance studios are offering professional lessons online in the comfort of your home. Hello, Saturday night lockdown plans!

Do we have to do the classic wedding first dance?

Absolutely not! The beauty of wedding dances is that there is no right way or wrong way to do them. You and your fiancé chose what works for you.

Nowadays wedding dances can be as simple as a slow dance, a quick spin around the dance floor, or a fully choreographed number—the choice is yours.

What about the surprise dance?

The surprise dance, flash mob or wedding mash-up whatever you call it, has become popular over the years. It starts off with your Melbourne DJ playing a typical waltz-style slow dance song, then halfway through blasts a well-known and toe-tapping song while the bride and groom burst into a choreographed routine. While this is great, the point often overlooked is that some people get nervous dancing in front of a crowd and forget the routine. Make sure you practise a lot and your Melbourne wedding DJ knows the signal for when you want to cut off the song.

Selecting the right music

The experienced wedding MC DJ team at Black Tie Events can help you select a song that is right for your wedding dance. Having worked as a wedding DJ in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley for years we can match up the right song to your dancing ability and wedding style.

With wedding dance song requests (https://www.blacktieevents.com.au/dance-floor-favourites-or-are-they/) ranging from the famous Elvis to Jon Legend, to Adele, and everything in-between, your wedding DJ experts at Black Tie Events have played them all.

Your choice

It is important to remember your family and friends just want to see you on the dance floor together marking your marriage with a few moves. Regardless of what song or style of dance you choose, the experienced Melbourne and Yara Valley MC DJ’s at Black Tie Events has got you covered.

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