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At Black Tie Events in Melbourne, we are highly experienced in public speaking from having over 30 years’ experience as an MC. So we thought we would share some tips, tricks and strong techniques to help you through the process of presenting to create authenticity by adding your personal touch and make your next speech engaging and fun!

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To begin, when starting your speech, a positive note can leave a great impression on your guests.

Potentially, this could simply be thanking the audience for coming to the event, thanking the organisers, starting with a joke, telling the audience a bit about yourself or just complementing the audience – this is also a great starting point to capture their attention.

As you move through the main components of your speech, utilising techniques such as humour, referring to a well-known person or event, using a past conversation, quote or even asking the audience a simple question are each great and easy tools, which you can use to maintain a strong level of engagement that you have already established in your opening.

Throughout your speech, it’s also a great idea to change your tone where applicable, maintain eye contact with your audience, keeping a steady speed when talking, using body language where appropriate and most importantly speaking with a nice clear and loud voice.

As you present the main components of your speech, you will then, of course, find yourself nicely at your conclusion!

At this stage of your speech, you not only want to summarise it but this is also the perfect opportunity to maintain that strong level of engagement you created, by closing with a strong ending such as a call to action, a quote or even using humor.

At the very end of your conclusion, to upkeep the atmosphere of the event, it’s a great idea to thank your audience in an appropriate way suited to the specific category of the function. For example, a nice formal thank-you for something more corporate or something more upbeat and casual for a party.

In no time, you will then find the entire audience clapping!

To cover all entertainment needs for your event and to ensure that this important aspect of it runs smoothly, contact Black Tie Events in Melbourne today on 0400 447 552 for all your entertainment, DJ and MC needs.

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