Professional DJ Vs DIY DJ On Your Big Day?

By February 26, 2020Events, Wedding

Professional Vs DIY

So your good mate ‘Dean’ fancies himself as a DJ – Awesome! How handy is that!  DJ Dean has produced some killer road-tip mixes and even sorted out last year’s Work Christmas party tunes without too much hassle. But is DJ D-Man really the guy you want in charge of the music on what might be the biggest day of your life????

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Our advice

The choice is yours but before you make it, the Melbourne DJ team at Black Tie Events have a few piece of advice you should follow:

  • Meet with your DJ (professional or otherwise) before your event to discuss your expectations – be comfortable with the outcomes or move on.
  • Ask the right questions, such as:
    • Is your DJ experienced? 
    • Is your DJ also going to be your MC? Do they know how to be an MC?
    • If your DJ is a friend/guest at your wedding, are there specific rules they need to follow? (eg: not drinking alcohol at the event, sticking to the schedule, being available/locatable during the entire event, bringing back up equipment etc.)
    • Is your DJ good in a crisis? On the off-chance there is an issue, is your DJ prepared for any situation? 
    • Can your DJ adjust to the mood of the crowd? It’s great if you have a set playlist ready to go, but what if the dance floor is empty and the mood is souring, can your DJ turn it around? 
  • Make sure you are on the same page with your DJ in terms of what order you want things to happen and who will be involved. 
  • Ensure your DJ knows what equipment is needed. Will your venue supply microphones and a sound system, does your DJ need to bring their own (does your DJ have their own??) Does the DJ know the venue and size of the space being used?  

How does your DJ measure up?

Once all of these questions have been asked and answered – how does DJ Dean measure up? If you and your beloved are not filled with confidence, then the choice has already been made for you.

Having a professional Melbourne DJ and MC not only takes the pressure off your mates, but also ensures you have nothing to be concerned about in regards to the music that will be the soundtrack of your big day. At Black Tie Events in Melbourne our experienced DJs know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to filling the dance floor, changing the mood, introducing the bridal party and welcoming guests, keeping to a schedule, communicating with the couple and rolling with any challenges that arrive. 

Don’t leave this up to chance – take the professional approach and Contact Mark on 0400 447 552 to discuss your upcoming wedding or event –  or send an enquiry online for an appointment.



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