Planning an event for Australia Day?

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Have you decided to put on a bigger and better Australia Day event this January 26th? Perhaps you want to bring more people together, have some Australian-themed decorations, games and food – and maybe you want to create your own hottest 100 music list. Following are some ideas to help you with planning your Australia Day celebrations.

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You’re not likely to have trouble sourcing your Australia Day decorations – but, to make your decorations a bit more unique try picking a sub-theme.

* Colours – Sure, you could go all out decorating everything in the colours of the flag as well as green and gold, or you could pair it back – going with one or the other.

* Australiana – Another idea is to take a cue from the common sights around Australia – land marks, road signs, our unique flora and fauna, and, of course, our people and culture (ocker, relaxed and casual – cork hat, thongs, boardies, chesty Bonds, Stubbies shorts, zinc, yellow and red life guard cap and flags, boomerangs, didgeridoos, sayings/quotes, Akubra hat). Maybe display some random facts about Australia.

* Iconic brands – You could use VB bottles as vases, or Vegemite jars for cutlery.

* Aussie slang – Reference Australian slang in your signage, for example “tucker” for food, “long drop” for the toilet.

* Multicultural Australia – For a different take, you could celebrate the multicultural diversity of Australia and have a mix of decorations from different cultures.

Games and Activities

Following is a list of game and activity ideas, the directions can be found online:

* Thong throwing

* Tim Tam Slam-off

* Aussie-themed Celebrity Heads

* Aussie-themed charades

* Aussie trivia

* Backyard cricket

* Home-made slip ‘n’ slide

Food and Beverages

Here is a list of must-have Australian grub:

* Anything related to the barbie – snags, steaks (lamb, beef, roo), blackened sliced onions, shrimp (or prawns, as Aussies actually call them!)

* Meat pies and sausage rolls (with tomato or bbq sauce)

* Damper

* Coleslaw

* Potato salad

* Vegemite and cheese scrolls (or pinwheels for finger food)

* Bundaberg Ginger Beer

* Cottee’s cordial

* Passiona

* Beer – VB, Toohey’s, XXXX

* Chardonnay (pronounced car-don-ay, in Australia)

* Pavlova

* Lamingtons

* Anzac biscuits

* Tim Tams

* Cake from the Women’s Weekly – think, the pool cake

* Milk bar lollies


You could just listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100, or, you could create your own hottest 100 to personalize your day. That way you just play the songs that you like, either from the last 12 months or from past decades. Your choice could even be focused on Aussie artists, or songs from the soundtracks of Australian movies.

So that you can spend the day celebrating, relaxing and having fun with your family and friends, why not consider hiring a DJ and MC? By choosing a Black Tie Events DJ/MC, you’ll have the services of an experienced team and access to an extensive song list. At Black Tie Events, we enjoy making your event run smoothly, so that you are free to enjoy time with your guests. Contact us today – we’ll help to make this years Australia Day celebrations bigger and better than ever!

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