Planning a Post-Elopement Party?

So you’re eloping! Congratulations!  

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You and the love of your life are saying “No thanks” to the big wedding (and all the planning, preparation, coordination and money that goes with it!) and you’re going to elope to somewhere fabulous, just the two of you – how perfect and amazingly romantic!  But . . . . 

While you might want the wedding to be small and intimate – you might also like the chance to celebrate with your family and friends. The ‘post elopement party’, or ‘delayed wedding reception’ or ‘Ha ha we got married with out you party’ – whatever you choose to call it, is a great opportunity to share your happiness and include those you love. 

The rules here, well there are no rules actually, you can pretty much do what you like. At Black Tie Events MC and DJ in Melbourne we know first-hand that elopements can have different effects on different people, so our advice is to make your choices wisely and be confident you’ve made the right decision from the get go. 

If you’ve eloped in secret you might plan a faux engagement party and announce the nuptials have already taken place (be aware there might be some fallout with this plan though – unhappy party guests can really bring the mood down), or you might tell everyone you’re eloping (and they’re not invited!) but soften the blow with an invitation to THE celebration of the new decade when you return from your honeymoon! 

Wedding planning might be off your radar, but planning a great celebration does take a bit of input. Hiring recommended and experienced professionals to help achieve your goals is a sure way to tick the boxes early (and remove some stress) so reach out to your network of friends, family and colleagues for trusted recommendations. Making your MC & DJ choice is easy – the team at Black Tie Events in Melbourne should be your first call and we can certainly assist with recommendations for other professionals, suppliers and venues if needed.  

Here are some other tips to remember for your ‘post elopement party’: 

  • Make it clear on the invitation that it’s a party and not a wedding. Set the tone for the event and let your guests know the big day has already happened and you are inviting them to kick up their heels and celebrate with you both. 
  • If it’s not a secret/surprise – announce that you eloped and that there will be a celebration at a later date. This way all the important people feel important as you’ve taken the time to share your new formally with them. You might like to include a ‘save the date’ with your announcement, or just leave it open.  
  • When you do set a date, choose a date that suits you. Couples elope for a multitude of reasons, one being financial. So if you have eloped now and need time to save for the celebration you want, it’s ok. Set a date that works for you, next weekend, next month, next summer, next year – whatever works. 
  • Make an entrance at your celebration – you don’t need to hide out until half way through the party and miss all the fun stuff. At some point, take a few moments to step out and re-entre while being announced as the ‘newly married couple’ and let all your guests celebrate the happy occasion with you as one big happy group. 
  • Plan for a photographer to capture memories of your celebration. You may not have had a professional photographer at your ceremony, or even if you did, it will be lovely to look back on this special day of celebration with photos of you both with friends and family.
  • Enjoy yourselves – this celebration should be just that – a time to share the love with those closest to you! 

Whatever your plan, there are great people to help you pull it all togetherincluding Mark and the team at Black Tie Events MC and DJ in Melbourne. Give them a call on 0400 447 552 to discuss your upcoming celebration or event or send an enquiry online for an appointment. 

And Congratulations!


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