How to add that “certain something” to your event

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If you’re going to the trouble of putting together an event you’ll be wanting to create something special, something memorable (for the right reasons) – you’ll want to add that “certain something”.

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That thing that is undefinable to your guests, but leaves them wowed. Following are some ideas to help make that happen.

* Maintain a theme throughout the event – it helps with flow and consistency. This begins with the invitation. Try to be original in your theming – avoid clichés where possible.

* Consider the journey of your guests – are they travelling far to attend your event? If so, you may want to organize the convenience of transport and accommodation. You could also provide gifts for their stay.

* Provide a surprise element – this will help to prevent your event from feeling stale. Keep your event unique by creating your own rules and schedules. Find a unique way to layout the event, including the way you serve food and drinks. Surprise your guests by introducing different points of entertainment throughout your event – varying in length. Most important to creating that element of surprise is to keep as many details a secret as possible.

Some things you could add to your event include:

* Personalized gifts

* Employ a gourmet chef

* Provide a chauffeur service to and from the event, or a valet service

* Employ a professional MC to ensure everything runs smoothly

* Use a DJ to provide a seamless flow of music

* Create a time capsule of your event and encourage attendees to bring something to add

* Use paper invites, rather than digital

* Choose a grand or unique venue

* Think of unique entertainment – it could be silent entertainment that goes on in the background, such as some kind of performer (think dancer or cirque du soleil style)

* Videography /photos – perhaps filming during the event, or prior to be played during the event

* Confetti and balloon drop

Hopefully, these ideas have provided some inspiration for giving your next event that “certain something”.

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