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There are often events that need to cater for families – this means designing, selecting a venue, activities, food and music that are inclusive of different generations – from young children to the older generation. Afterall, you want everyone to be able to enjoy the day and/or the evening. And by ensuring that the children are catered for, you also enable their parents or caregivers to feel more relaxed about bringing children along. Following are some ideas to help with the planning.

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To begin with, you’ll want the event to have a welcoming atmosphere and to be easy to navigate. So be organized and include a map for your venue when sending out invitations. Include where to park, where different activities will be held, where the food and toilet facilities are, as well as the seating. This way, any guests arriving with children can pre-plan and even get the children excited about the event.

The catering will depend on your budget and the formality of your event. You may wish to cater separately for the children (and the children-at-heart) – think uncomplicated and fun. You can then provide something more sophisticated for the more mature attendees. Alternatively, find a happy medium and have a mix. Just bear in mind that you might want to serve the children’s food in a separate area to the adults – not all adults have the patience for children.

Based on the nature of your event, you could offer a supervised space for children – with activities to keep them entertained, allowing their parents to enjoy a (mostly) child-free time. Alternatively, you could be all inclusive, providing attractions and entertainment to suit all ages.

However you wish to plan your event, remember to be mindful of everyone’s needs – don’t go overboard catering for the kids, and forget about the adults or vice versa. Not everyone has, or enjoys the company of children, but on the other hand, many people enjoy sharing in celebrations with their whole family. So where possible, create an area for children, an area for adults and an area for both.

The dancefloor can be a great place for everyone to enjoy, and the Black Tie Events team love to create an inclusive atmosphere. The spontaneity of reading the room reaching people of all ages, by playing great music of all genres, creating energy and atmosphere on the dance floor is inspiring and why we do it. If you’re in the midst of creating an event for all ages, contact Black Tie Events – we will help to keep everyone entertained.

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