Colour theming: choosing the right colours for your event

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Colours have a subconscious, but powerful effect on our impressions or feelings about the world around us. Whether that be from the colours we wear, the colour of the space around us, or even the colour of a flower gifted to us.

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With this in mind, how will you decide on a colour theme for your next event? Following is a list of common colours and their associated meanings to help you decide:

* WHITE: commonly associated with purity (or virginity), innocence and cleanliness or freshness, it can also be symbolic of new beginnings and simplicity (or minimalism).

* GREY: can be used to tone down the more intense energy of strong colours. It is a non-invasive colour that represents maturity, security, neutrality, composure and peace.

* BLACK: the classic, stylish and sophisticated colour. Black can be striking, but also mysterious. It can represent dignified, dominant or controlling tendencies. As a background colour, it can help to make other colours “pop” or stand out.

* BLUE: symbolizes youth, peace and tranquillity. It has a calming and soothing effect. Blue can be a reflection of softness, caring, faithfulness and compassion.

* PURPLE: the colour of royalty and spirituality. It is commonly associated with creativity, mystery, magic, and can inspire nostalgia. Purple tends to represent unique individuals who tend to be artistic, sensitive, intuitive, witty, tolerant and dignified. Purple is thought to increase the appetite.

* PINK: depending on the strength, pink can embody innocence, affection, love, softness, fun, quirkiness, gentleness, charm, femininity and beauty.

* GREEN: harmonious, healing, renewing, peaceful and balancing. It tends to be associated with personalities that are relaxed, compassionate, loyal, and have a connection with nature.

* RED: this bold, loud colour represents confidence, power, strength, passion, sexuality, vitality, pleasure, aggression and impulsivity. If used in excess, red can be overwhelming, even sparking aggression in some.

* ORANGE: a fun-loving, optimistic and cheerful colour, orange can be useful for spicing things up and providing an uplifting effect. It inspires joy, enthusiasm and creativity.

* YELLOW: the colour of sunshine, energetic yellow represents new beginnings, joy, happiness and adventure. It is a colour of positivity, jovialness, humour and curiosity.

There is also the option to choose a rainbow of colours, helping to display an intention of inclusivity of all – as is now commonly associated with the support and acceptance of same-sex relationships and marriage. Then, of course, there is gold and silver – useful for injecting a bit more glamour, wealth and a little something special.

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