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You have planned your wedding only to discover that not everyone likes to dance, and in fact, find dancing frankly quite boring! What do you do? Set up some wedding games (along with the dancing) and let everyone get involved in the fun and frivolity. Even the kids can take part. Problem solved.

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Here are some wedding game ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Stock up on Lego. Beg, borrow, op-shop or eBay a decent selection and place a pile on each table. Let your guests create the table centrepiece. You will be amazed at the creations they will produce. You can even award a prize for the best (or worst) in various categories or use a single theme.
  • Marriage advice cards. Have a special table where guests can, anonymously, write marriage advice tips for the new couple on special cards. Have the MC read some of these out during the reception. You are sure to get a laugh, and the cards can be turned into a book as a keepsake.
  • Wedding Toast Bingo. Create a bingo card for each dinner plate, along with a pencil. Include a selection of standard sentiments on each card that are commonly used during wedding speeches. Have a fun prize or prizes for those who reach bingo first.
  • Wedding Dance Challenge. This will help break the ice and get a table of guests to bond. Challenge each table to rush to the dance floor when a particular song is played. You can add to the fun by awarding prizes to the best dancing couple or the silliest dance, etc.
  • Wedding Piñata. Create a wedding-cake themed piñata filled with treats. More fun perhaps than cutting a wedding cake, though, of course, you could have both.
  • Kids’ Interactive Place Mats. Keep the kids occupied with DIY interactive placemats. Include puzzles, word games, art, and pencils.
  • Yahtzee on the Lawn. Make 5 large DIY dice and supply a bucket and laminated instruction sheet. You can pair kids with adults to teach them this traditional game.
  • Ring Toss. Buy two sets of 5 wooden rings from a craft shop. You can pain them with two of your wedding theme colours to differentiate your two teams. Set six dowels into a 2 x 4 wooden beam or something similar, and let guests compete in teams while they enjoy a cocktail or two.
  • Life Size Jenga. Cut 54 equally sized blocks of wood from a 2 x 4 beam. Paint each block in your wedding theme colours. Stack them neatly into a tower. Each guest must carefully remove a piece from the stack and place them on top. Adults can help the younger guests with this.

As you can see, the only limit to the types of games you can play at weddings is your imagination. Why not have a chat with the MC and DJ at Black Tie Events in Melbourne to see how they can help with this and other wedding ideas to make your special day a memorable one.

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