Using music to create the right atmosphere

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Using music to create the right atmosphere

Music has the power to make or break your event. Careful consideration to your music selection is vitally important in creating the right atmosphere, and allowing your guests to get up, mingle, sing, dance and generally enjoy themselves! Of course, it can be difficult to cater for everyone’s tastes, but that’s where an experienced DJ comes in. 

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What can you achieve with music?


Singing and dancing along to music releases “feel good” chemicals that assist in creating social bonds. People will also tend to bond over shared affection for different songs. Providing your guest with the opportunity to relate and bond makes for a successful and more enjoyable event.

Create fond memories

The right choice of music can make your event a more positively memorable experience for your guests. Music has the ability to arouse almost every area of your brain and is inherently emotional. Emotional memories tend to be stored more permanently in the brain. So not only can your choice of music stir past memories, but also create new ones.

Change energy and mood

The pace and style of music used has the power to relax, encourage conversation, boost the energy and mood of the room, or flatten it! Of course, the pace and style of the music will depend on the nature of your event and what you wish to achieve. Try listening to different styles of music and see how it makes you feel.

Don’t forget volume and timing. Your guests don’t want to be sitting in front of their meal with the music blaring so loudly that they can’t hear their own thoughts, let alone hold a conversation with the person next to them. Equally, they don’t want to be sitting for too long after their meal wondering whether that’s it and when they can leave. Encourage them out to the dance floor with some familiar, up-beat music!

Before your next event carefully consider the atmosphere you want to create – and don’t forget your audience. If you have a variety of age groups, for example, make sure you use a variety popular music from different eras.

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