To package or not to package your wedding

By October 20, 2018Wedding

Planning your own wedding may seem like a dream, but it can become a colossal undertaking. With so much to plan and organize already, is it worth the stress? On the other hand, an all-inclusive wedding package can be restrictive and may limit your ability to create your dream wedding. 

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So, how do you choose? DIY or package deal?

Following are some of the things you should consider.


  • Can offer the freedom to pick and choose every detail – such as the location, which may be limited if you opt for a package. However, it can also burden you with a heavy workload and stress – dreaming is the fun part – putting that dream into action can be more difficult and time consuming than it’s worth.
  • Can save you money – provided that you’re organized, able to compare vendors and can negotiate a good deal. Alternatively, it can end up costing you more – people who work in the industry often make deals with the various other businesses and suppliers involved, securing better prices.
  • You maintain control – wedding planners or venue managers may try to persuade you to select different options that make their job easier and to make the most money. You could also lose control, or lose track of what you have and what you still need to organize. Coordinating and managing the various vendors can be challenging.
  • Can be a bonding experience – getting your family and friends involved brings you closer together. It could also put a strain on relationships – your partner might not be as into planning the details of your wedding as you are, and your friends and family may end up letting you down.

Wedding Packages

  • You get to look forward to the day – having someone else sorting all of the details will free you up to focus on other things, like the all-important dress!
  • Being able to enjoy a polished and cohesive wedding – there’s a reason that people get paid to plan weddings – they have experience, they know what needs to be done, they’re organized and they know what works.
  • It saves time – time is money, and when you weigh up the cost of paying a professional against the amount of time you would have to put in, the package may actually come out on top.

Another option is to plan some portions of your wedding, and use wedding packages for others areas – such as an entertainment package. Black Tie Events have the experience to help lighten the load for you and shed some light on your options – there may be more flexible choices than you think! Contact Black Tie Events in Melbourne to discuss your dream wedding on 0400 447 552.

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