The gift of giving…

So you have a birthday coming up or a special occasion and you’re not exactly sure what to give those or who you’re celebrating?

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Well, in today’s blog we will discuss ideas to help get your thoughts flowing and point you in the right direction.

Firstly, a key thing you may want to consider when selecting a gift, is the person’s age group, their likes/dislikes and if there is actually something that they may need or that you have noticed they need, additionally you will also need to consider the occasion, for example, an event like a wedding is much different to a 28th birthday.

For gifting ideas, if it’s something like a special birthday you could potentially go with a jewellery gift with the person’s birthstone or a favourite brand of chocolates or bubbly.

This can even be as simple as creating something like a dessert box; adding your own personal touch and including their favourite treats!

Another key thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to have a think about what this person may want or need, for example, if this is a housewarming gift you could potentially choose something they may use in the kitchen for instance.

Essentially, focus on something you know they will appreciate and is aligned to their taste, even if you may think it’s a little small, that’s more than fine!

On this note, just remember no gift requires to be big or expensive. It simply comes down to the thought that they’ll truly appreciate!

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