Stressed Bride? Does it Need to Be This Way?

By April 16, 2018Wedding

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Stressed Bride? Does it Need to Be This Way?

Yes, there are a lot of things to ponder and organise, but if you are freaking out, how can you possibly enjoy the day? Let’s walk through this….

Budget: For most of us, unless you somehow hit the jackpot, whether by luck of birth, working hard, or winning the lottery, the budget can be a major issue. But, if you keep it all simple with a sweet intimate ceremony, the occasion can be far more memorable. A well-planned wedding, even on a budget, will eclipse an all out poorly staged extravaganza, especially if there is an open bar and out-of-control guests. Avoid the embarrassment and speak to Black Tie Events for ideas to suit your budget.

The Weather: You can’t control the weather, so, if you are planning a garden or outdoors wedding, have a back-up plan, just in case.

The Relatives: You can choose who you marry, but you can’t choose your relatives. And it can be difficult to exclude the trouble-makers. Hopefully, on the big day, they behave. Even so, close family will want to help, so give them a task, no matter how small, to make them feel they have contributed in a positive way. Learn to delegate …… it can be a win-win solution.

The Groom: Put him to work too. After all, he is half of the couple getting married. Most grooms keep well away for fear of retribution, but if you include him in the decision making, you not only reduce your work-load, but start married life as a team. Get him aboard from the word go. Let’s face it, he was most likely the one who started it all by proposing and may relish the opportunity of being more involved. Perhaps the groomsmen can also pitch in, along with the bridesmaids. Aren’t we about equality these days?

The Master of Ceremonies: This is an area where you can really save yourself from a bundle of stress. A good MC will have everything in hand, and your wedding can progress seamlessly and smoothly. Talk to Black Tie Events -they will guide you through the process and lift a huge weight off your shoulders. They have all the ideas, know-how and experience to make your special day a brilliant success!

So brides, don’t stress! Help is at hand at Black Tie Events!


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