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What season and month are you planning to get married in?
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Although there are seven days to choose from, it comes as no surprise that Saturday is by far the most popular day Aussie couples choose to get married.

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According to the results from our friends at Easy Wedding Annual Wedding Survey, a whopping 62% of weddings occur on a Saturday. No other days of the week really come into comparison to the Saturday figure, with the next most popular day being Friday at 15%.

Sunday was the third most popular day to get married with 11% popularity. The rest of the days of the week all had similar results varying from 4% popularity for Thursdays’ to 2% for Mondays, (no surprise there.)

The most popular wedding dates in Australia during 2017

The below infographic displays both the most popular days to get married in Australia dating back to 2016, as well as the most popular dates to get married in Australia during 2017.

The dates are scattered across mostly the Autumn and Spring months, with both March and October being especially popular. This makes sense as both Spring and Autumn were also rated the two most popular season to get married in our survey.

And, of course, we find at Black Tie Events MC DJ that the Saturday after Valentine’s Day is a popular choice for those loved-up couples out there!

Most popular months and seasons to get married in Australia for 2016

According to the more than 2300+ brides who took part in the Easy Weddings Annual survey, Spring is the most popular season to get married with 37% of weddings occurring during this season. This comes as no surprise with the lovely weather, beautiful flowers and gorgeous wedding themes that are in abundance in the Spring time.

Out of the Spring months and the entire year, October is the most popular month to get married. The Autumn months were not too far behind the Spring months in terms of choice, with both April and September being equally as popular as each other.

Both Summer and Winter had similar results with 19% of weddings happening in Summer and 18% in Winter.

So, now you know what the popular dates, months and seasons to get married in Australia were in 2016 & 2017! What season and month are you planning to get married in 2018/2019? Give Black Tie Events MC DJ a call today to find out more.

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