Lockdown Marriage Proposals 

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A marriage proposal is one of the most exciting and memorable moments not to mention potentially the most nerve-wracking too. There is a lot of pressure to create a perfect proposal, yet it is important to remember that there is no perfect proposal, only what is perfect for the two of you.

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Things to Consider Before a Proposal

Although it may seem like an outdated tradition, try to find out if your future in-laws are the type of people who would like you to ask permission from them before you propose marriage. After all, if your significant other says yes, these people will probably be a part of your life in the future. Better to be on the side of caution and ask if you are unsure. Similarly, if your significant other has a parental figure with whom they are close to (ex. Grandparent who raised them) then, by all means, ask that person. It does not have to be traditional ask the father, rather asking permission could be viewed as a respectful way of asking to join the family.

The ring, without a doubt, can be the biggest obstacle to proposing. Many people purchase a ring before the proposal; however, you do not have to have a ring to propose. On one hand (pun intended), it may seem odd to not have the ring, however, your future finance may want to pick out the ring. Selecting a ring together can be as exciting as getting engaged. For one thing, you will have to work together to choose a ring that fits your budget which is an excellent foray into what marriage is all about—working collaboratively.

Lastly, timing is key. If your significant other is stressed or overwhelmed, it may not be the best time to propose marriage. Try to find a time when your future finance is relaxed before you pop the question.

Making the Proposal Memorable

Now that you have ironed out a few of the key details and worked up the nerve to ask, you will need a plan, a location, and (potentially) an engagement ring.

1/ Plan for a location and time. It can be at home, somewhere new, or over FaceTime (with the current restrictions everything is on the table!), regardless of where and when you plan to ask, pick a location and time.

2/ Keep your marriage proposal simple. The more complicated the marriage proposal is the more things that can go wrong.

3/ Consider your partner’s likes and dislikes. You will not want to propose outside in a park if your partner has allergies, or alternatively, if your partner hates surprises taking them to a new location and popping the question may not go so well. Choosing something memorable to the two of you can be sweet, for example, an activity you enjoy doing together, the date when you first met, or a specific song are all good ideas. Plus, the team at Black Tie Events in Melbourne can help suggest some background music for the proposal or songs that are all related to love!

Proposal Success

You have planned it out, worked up the nerve and she said yes! Congratulations! Now the fun really begins. 

While we know you may not need a Melbourne Wedding DJ to help with your proposal playlist yet but when it is time to set a date for your wedding – there is only one team to talk to for all your wedding DJ & MC needs in Melbourne or the Yarra Valley – and that’s us, Black Tie Events. Learn more about our wedding packages and services. (https://www.blacktieevents.com.au/wedding-entertainment-packages/)

No matter what you decide to do for your proposal keep in mind that whatever works for the two of you is the right thing. Good luck and the team at Black Tie Events can’t wait to hear the proposal story at your Melbourne or Yarra Valley wedding in 2021.

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