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By February 6, 2019Wedding

It’s the one piece of the wedding day puzzle that actually makes your partnership official – the Marriage Celebrant. However, this individual who is tasked with officiating the ceremony and making your marriage legal is probably not given quite the consideration that they should. After all, it is the part of your wedding day that you’ll want to remember the most.

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With much of the focus going into the dress, the location, decoration, who you’re inviting, food and music, it can be hard to set aside the time to select a celebrant that will fit nicely into the whole scheme, and reflect the personality of the couple.

You may not realise that aside from a few sentences that must be said to officially make the marriage legal, the rest of the ceremony can basically be customized by the couple. Ideally, the celebrant you select will be amenable to working in with your desires.

Following are a few tips on finding the right celebrant to fit into and officiate your wedding:

* Ask around – you’re bound to know of someone who has recently married or who has recently attended a wedding. Enquire about their celebrant.

* Look up wedding directories

* Look for reviews online – use a search engine (e,g. Google) to do a general search, or if you have a few celebrants in mind, look them up – try looking them up on social media (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) to get a feel for their personality and style.

Extra considerations:

* Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable with your chosen celebrant, you will likely have a reasonably long relationship with them, and will also be sharing some more intimate aspects of your relationship.

* Don’t leave this decision too late – good celebrants will be booked out quickly, so it’s important to consider booking them in as early as you can. If you have left it a bit late to book in the celebrant you really want and you haven’t yet got other details locked in, such as the time of the ceremony – opt for a less common ceremony time or date.

* Make sure that you have a signed contract detailing everything that you have agreed upon for the ceremony.

* Don’t forget to find out what your celebrant is intending to wear – you want them to fit-in rather than stand out or clash with your colour scheme.

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