A good MC is so much more than just an announcer!

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You may be surprised to learn that Uncle Fred, Aunt May or your best friend are seriously not the best people to be your Master of Ceremonies. Sorry, but think again. There is so much more to MC’ing than just making announcements! 

First of all, your MC needs to get to know the client so that the event becomes more personable. OK, your aunt, uncle or best friend can do that, but they may know just a bit too much and become side-tracked, potentially throwing the timing out for your event.

The MC must be familiar with the venue. This may mean becoming familiar if he/she doesn’t already know it. The venue may have a specific running order which the MC must learn. Being familiar with the process allows the MC to make slight tweaks as the event progresses without upsetting the overall running order. This allows a bit of flexibility in case of mishaps or unexpected interruptions, etc.

A thorough knowledge of the house rules is essential. These may include no drinks on the dance floor, location of the toilets, where the smoking and non-smoking zones are, and even where children may be able to go for a quiet and safe rest.

The entertainment needs to be coordinated. The MC must liase with the DJ or band or whatever entertainment has been chosen to ensure it all runs smoothly. Maybe there us a change from the norm that the client requires. A good MC will make sure he is aware of any anomalies and have the flexibility to be able to adjust accordingly. Hence, liasing with the client beforehand is an important duty.

Another important consideration when thinking of employing a relative or friend for the important job of MC’ing, is that they are known to a lot of your guests and therefore are open to heckling. Losing control of your audience can be a recipe for disaster as far as timing is concerned. The food, which was ready to be served at a scheduled time, now has to be kept warm somehow without drying out. For food already plated out, this is almost impossible. The bit of fun with the heckling is certainly not worth the angst of ruined food! The same applies if speeches go beyond their allotted time, which is another area where the MC is so essential in ensuring everything runs according to schedule!

A true MC is involved in most of the day and sometimes even photo time. Whether this is bridal photos or group conference shots, the MC can help the photographer by assisting the organising of subject matter (the guests).

At a wedding, too, the MC can help make the bride feel more relaxed and excited rather than drained and stressed. Even simple measures such as a cool glass of water, or even champagne, a few encouraging words and the knowledge that everything is well in hand, will help the bride find some calm, so she can enjoy what is possibly the biggest single occasion of her life to date. Even during the reception, ensuring the bride and groom are hydrated, preferably with cool water, can ensure they don’t suffer from a headache, or the effects of dehydration.

And, of course, a truly professional MC is an entertainer in his own right. He not only speaks eloquently and clearly, but can throw in one liners, rev up the crowd, calm them down again, alter the mood of the occasion as needed, break the ice, and get the party going. And, as he is there to work, he will remain sober over the course of the event ……. it is doubtful that your aunt, uncle or best friend will thank you if they have to stay sober!

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