Glide Down the Aisle

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Glide Down the Aisle

The most emotionally charged time at your wedding is at the very start ….. when the bride arrives to walk down the aisle. This is where weddings are made or lost, more than at any other time. So, take the time to plan your arrival and the walk down the aisle.

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Emotion at this time can be the bride’s worst enemy. Every bride dreams of this moment, and, while you need to experience one of the most moving days of your life, you can very easily become emotionally overwhelmed unless well prepared.

The danger is real. You can seriously compromise your whole day by losing control of your emotions. You may experience uncontrollable crying, you may trip or faint, you may be unable to speak or suffer short term memory loss and jabber at the altar, saying things you later regret.

This may all sound terrifying, but it isn’t as long as you train yourself beforehand to handle your emotions.

How do I do this, you may ask. It is actually quite easy when you know how.

There are a few tricks that will get you there.

First, visualisation. Close your eyes and “see” yourself walking down the aisle with every detail you can think of. Do this step by step and allow your brain to process some of the emotion in advance. If you get a bit teary, then you are performing the process correctly. Repeat the process several times during the week before the big day.

Next, practice your vows with your groom. You will both be more relaxed at the altar if you do this several times, and it also gives the groom a chance to control his emotions.

Finally,  it may be best to consider seeing each other in your special outfits before you head down the aisle. This is entirely up to you, but a little word of encouragement to each other at that point and some loving words can go a great way to boost your confidence.

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