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Hiring a Melbourne wedding DJ and MC is a big deal and is probably something you haven’t done before. You want a professional who shows up on time, is dressed appropriately, plays music you like and keeps your guests grooving on the dance floor. Sounds simple, but with hundreds of wedding DJ and MC options in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, it isn’t. Asking some key questions to ensure you hire the right wedding DJ and MC for your event.

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1/ Does your wedding DJ have Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

Most venues in Melbourne and Yarra Valley require wedding DJs to have Public Liability Insurance or PLI. Surprisingly, it can be common for DJs in Melbourne and Yarra Valley to not have these. However, insurance is an absolute must. It ensures that guests are covered in the event someone is injured or their property suffers damage while a DJ is performing. When looking for a wedding MC, one of your first questions should be to ask if they have this insurance. It will ensure you don’t have to worry about your DJ not being allowed to play at your venue, and most importantly, it will give you peace of mind knowing the MC is insured against issues.

2/ How many events does your wedding DJ typically perform annually?

Again this question may seem obvious because you would probably ask about their experience (which is important too), but asking about the number of DJ and MC events your Melbourne MC performs each year will give you an idea of their commitment to their craft.

DJ’ing and MC’ing are arts that needs to be practised regularly. If someone doesn’t perform regularly, they may lose touch with the type of music that is popular for the younger crowd, or not understand that a particular song has gone out of fashion yet was last year’s biggest hit. In regards to your wedding MC, you want someone who is skilled on a mic and knows when to speak and when to wait for the right moment. Plus you need to like the voice of your MC as you will be hearing them all night! Hiring a Yarra Valley MC that is regularly performing at different events, honing their skills will ensure your event is a success.

3/ When will your wedding DJ be set up?

Most wedding MCs need at least 90 minutes to set up their equipment properly. At Black Tie, our Melbourne wedding DJs set up at your function 30 minutes before its’ commencement. No one wants to see your MC setting up equipment! A good Yarra Valley DJ will be set up before your guests arrive and take the time to introduce themselves to the key persons involved in the formalities all before playing the first song.

4/ Do you have a backup in case my wedding DJ falls ill? (We certainly do at Black Tie Events!)

Life happens, and sometimes a wedding DJ falls ill the day of an event. Most good Melbourne DJ and MC services will have back up personnel in case of illness. Since you have already discussed and reviewed the music playlist, the replacement DJ should be fine to step into your original DJs shoes with ease. 

5/ How are they different from their competitors?

A professional DJ takes pride in their work, telling you about how their DJ services are unique to Melbourne and the Yarra Valley including:

  • experience in a particular niche of music or type of event
  • having a personal approach with both you and your guests
  • wearing professional outfits for the event
  • offering to coordinate directly with the venue or other suppliers such as videographers 
  • bringing ‘back-up’ equipment to all events

When looking for a Yarra Valley or Melbourne DJ for your wedding, you should ask all these questions ahead of time to select the right DJ and MC for your event. Choosing a Melbourne wedding MC doesn’t have to be a time consuming, stressful part of your wedding preparations. Black Tie Events is a full-service entertainment company supplying Melbourne and the Yarra Valley with the best DJ and MC’s. So when considering which DJ service to hire in Melbourne or Yarra Valley ask these questions and then compare us.

Contact Black Tie Events today on 0400 447 552 to learn why we are one of the top wedding DJ and MC services in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.

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