What is an MC?

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A Master of Ceremonies (M.C.) is an important person for tying everything together so the day or night runs smoothly whether it be for your wedding, birthday or even a trivia night.
The MC traditionally does the following:

The Master of Ceremonies is an important person for tying everything together so that the reception runs smoothly. The Master of Ceremonies will:-

  • Announce the arrival of the married couple.
  • Introduce the speakers.
  • Announce the cutting of the cake.
  • Announce the bridal waltz.
  • Inform the guests when it is time to say farewell to the bridal couple.

The Master of Ceremonies (or M.C. as it is often abbreviated to) is also responsible for liaising with the function coordinator and the reception venue to make sure they are prepared for the next activity (for example, that the champagne has been poured prior to the toasts.)


The Master of Ceremonies should ideally be someone who:

  • Is well known to the bride and groom – and ideally to the bride’s family as well.
  • Has the ability to speak confidently so they can keep things moving along with a humorous comment where appropriate.
  • Has a great sense of humour.
  • Is a confident public speaker and is used to such occasions.
  • Has a strong voice and an extrovert personality.

The M.C. can be male or female. Often the Best Man or the Maid of Honour can M.C. if they have the right characteristics.

If you don’t know someone appropriate for the role, the reception centre often has a member of staff who can take on the responsibility. Or you can hire a professional M.C. or ask the DJ to double up as M.C.


A good M.C. should be supplied with a list of speakers and the order in which they will be speaking. You should also provide a bit of background on each speaker to enable the M.C. to introduce them properly.

The M.C. should make a point of meeting all the speakers early on at the reception so that when they are introduced there is no confusion about who will be speaking. The M.C. also needs to know who the key people are the reception venue so that they know exactly who to liaise with. For example they may need to cue the musicians or the D.J. before the bridal waltz.


The Master of Ceremonies’ job is to start the speeches on the right note and then ensure the smooth flow from one speaker to another. Their comments should be very short and should not try to take over from the main speakers.

You can relax and enjoy the celebration of your Special Day knowing that Black Tie Events has extensive experience and will ensure your reception is a huge success!

First Dance In The Clouds

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dry ice

First dance in the clouds

The special effect of dry ice has become very popular with the modern bride for the first dance special effect. At Black Tie Events we make use of this breathtaking effect. As you make your way onto the dance floor for your Bridal Waltz, dry ice is filtered out at ground level. This effect usually lasts for approximately 4 min. satisfying the length of the normal song. With this package we supply 4 x 2.5kg blocks of dry ice. The dry ice effect creates an absolutely breathtaking first dance and will add a stunning visual effect to your photos and video!

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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

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What season and month are you planning to get married in?

Although there are seven days to choose from, it comes as no surprise that Saturday is by far the most popular day Aussie couples choose to get married.

According to the results from our friends at Easy Wedding Annual Wedding Survey, a whopping 62% of weddings occur on a Saturday. No other days of the week really come into comparison to the Saturday figure, with the next most popular day being Friday at 15%.

Sunday was the third most popular day to get married with 11% popularity. The rest of the days of the week all had similar results varying from 4% popularity for Thursdays’ to 2% for Mondays, (no surprise there.) Read More