To theme or not to theme?

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As your planning your upcoming event or special occasion you might come to the question should I have a theme or not?


Here at Black Tie Events, we know that this is a question pondered on by most and can be a tough decision to make.

But let’s just break down simple yet effective results a theme will provide your party with.


To begin, we all know themes can really bring a buzz of excitement and entertainment to your event. Whether this is a dress-up type of theme, a dress code or a decorative type of theme you use.


It allows for your guests to also spark conversation to those they haven’t previously met before aiding to avoid the occurrence of smaller groups than a great party blend.


It also gives a guide to your guests attending what’s in-store really, they should know whether the event is formal and what attire they should be wearing to ease any nerves some guests may have.


Having a theme also sets a mood for your party, whether it’s casual and fun or sophisticated and elegant.

This makes it a lot easier for you when it comes to preparing for your event when you consider things such as food, entertainment, supplies and decorations.


If you keep your theme consistent throughout most elements when planning, your theme is also going to be one that’s memorable as well. As it’s created a different atmosphere than most events and is likely to be a new theme that the majority of your guests haven’t had at an event they went to before.


If your thinking of the question to theme or not to theme? Have us tick off all your entertainment needs off your planning list. Here at Black Tie Events, we have an abundance of experience when it comes to party and event entertainment in Melbourne. To inquire call us today on 0400 447 552 or visit our page today via

Not sure how to write that birthday speech?

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When it comes to special events such as milestone birthdays, you might be lucky enough to be asked to make a speech for the birthday girl/boy.

And here at Black Tie Events located in Melbourne, we’ve come up with a ‘how-to’ guide when it comes to writing speeches for special birthdays.

To begin writing your speech, it’s important to keep in mind the occasion and keep it personal. This can be done by touching on a special story shared between yourself and the birthday girl/boy. Making a toast or including a simple congratulations on their milestone.

You also want to remember to keep it engaging, so you might want to use humour, for example, to keep everyone on their toes wanting to hear more.

When it comes to keeping eye contact, as a quick reminder don’t forget the rest of the attending guests as well as up keeping eye contact with the person who is celebrating their milestone.

It’s also important to keep your speech brief too and not to have it rather lengthy. Perhaps try to keep it to a maximum of 3-5 minutes.

As you are thinking of writing your speech, think of it similar to how you would write a story; in the sense that you want to have a beginning which contains your introduction – this one doesn’t need to be long at all.

Then you will have the majority of your content in the middle section of your speech.

Lastly, you want your ending to be your conclusion as you wrap up your speech.

At Black Tie Events in Melbourne, we understand the importance of special occasions such as birthdays and of course weddings. To make sure your special day runs as smoothly as planned, please contact Mark Girdwood today on 0400 447 552 to have all your entertainment needs taken care of.

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